Insights of Faith Revised: An Autobiography by Harri J. O'Connor

Author: Harri J. O'Connor

ISBN 9781947532885 (softcover)

192 pages

How low can one go? Many have hit rock bottom, but were their further depths? Everyday more and more are quitting, dropping out and giving up. Is there hope for them? There was and is for me. In three parts, this book details the forces involved in a fall and restoration of an individual. It is not for cowards or the faint of heart, serious but not deadly. It was written to shed light on oppression in some of its forms. Many have been beaten down by society's negligence and apathy, many killed by greed. It is the author's intent to at least raise a debate, at the most support Moses in freeing the slaves–so to speak.


From high school, Harri O'Connor was pursuing a promising writing career. After major setbacks, he fell into the visual arts. Becoming disillusioned with contemporary society and a new found faith, Harri once again finds his roots in this his first publication.  

Type: books

Vendor: Harri J. O'Connor

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