Ida's Caleb

Author: Everett Kelly

ISBN 1589397665 (hardcover)

ISBN 1589397657 (softcover)

380 pages


This is the moving story of three Georgia families who, in the post Civil War 1870s, sought a better life in the then-primitive central Florida Lakes region. You will be moved by the touching love story of Ida and Caleb who chose to begin their marriage as pioneers in this new and untamed land. They enticed an unforgettable Mose and his Miz Zenobia to move to Florida with them to help their new venture. They deeded land to Mose on which to build his family a home and on which to grow his own citrus. To Mose it was an opportunity to make enough money to educate his numerous children and to free his family from the historic bonds of slavery. You will experience an 1870s Florida which was beautiful and filled with indescribable wonders. You will laugh with these families as they encounter numerous colorful characters and as they experience their first views of their new and wondrous world. You will weep with them as they experience personal tragedies and the wrath of the elements. But try as you might, you will never forget them, or Samuel the mule.


Everett Kelly was born in Alabama, but left his native state at the age of three to move to and be raised in Florida. He served in the United States Navy in World War Two. After his military service, he earned a degree in Zoology from Florida State University and a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Florida. He was elected to The Florida House of Representatives in 1978 and served as Speaker Pro-Tem for two of the twenty-two years he served in that body. After his distinguished service to Florida, he retired to his Central Florida home in Lady Lake.
Mr. Kelly wrote an outdoor weekly column for a New York Times paper for eleven years and hosted an outdoor television show. He is an avid writer, and outdoor enthusiast. He has been heavily involved in water conservation and restoration in Florida and is a devoted student of Florida history.

Category: Fiction, Historical

Type: books

Vendor: Everett Kelly

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