Hey, It's Me, Walter

Author: Dianne Kirtley

ISBN 978-1-947532-07-6 (softcover)

22 pages

Walter, a five-month-old, rescue puppy, comes to Grandma’s house for his first visit, he learns that his curiosity and Grandma’s rules often clash. After exploring every corner of her house and chewing a few of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s treasured possessions, Walter and Grandma finally go for that long-awaited, promised walk. During this adventure, Walter meets an older dog, whose labored movements and gray-face trigger a brief memory from his past, hinting at the reason for Walter’s becoming a rescue dog. The somber tone of the escapade changes quickly, however, as Walter meets the minis and talls (otherwise known as people) and licks the delicious fingers and faces of the minis. When he is snubbed by two stuck-up poodles, Walter is thoroughly surprised and miffed. All ends well, however, when Mom and Dad return and "rescue" Walter once again, this time from Grandma.



Dianne Kirtley is an aspiring author and former educator, whose family and family pets have inspired her stories and remembrances. She has lived in the Chicago area all of her life, and she and her husband Rich delight in the visits from their children and grandchildren and, yes, even Walter, with whom she now has a comfortable relationship.

Category: children, General

Type: books

Vendor: Dianne Kirtley

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