Hacienda Pinsaqui

Author: Sue Appleby

ISBN 978-1-62137-554-8 (softcover)

34 pages

Following a memorable stay at Hacienda Pinsaqui in Ecuador's northern sierras, Sue Appleby wanted to find out more about the Hacienda and its history. The land where the Hacienda stands once belonged to the Caranqui confederacy, was briefly part of the Inca Empire, and later came under Spanish rule before becoming part of Simon Bolivar's "Gran Colombia." The Hacienda offered hospitality to Bolivar, and played a part in bringing to an end the border conflict between Ecuador and Columbia in the 1860s. The Larrea family bought the Hacienda in the late 19th century and continued to offer a warm welcome to travelers while managing one of the largest spinning and weaving workshops in the Otavalo area. Today the Freile-Larrea family continues to offer the modern traveler a warm welcome and a sense of the Hacienda's fascinating history.


Sue Appleby has a developing interest in the influence of historical local, national and international events on family life. Her recent book "The Hammers of Towan: a Nineteenth Century Cornish Family" looks at the impact of the Great Emigration on Cornish ancestors on her mother's side of the family and is available on Amazon. She is currently researching the contribution made by Cornish people in the Caribbean.

Appleby has a Master's Degree in Library and Information Management and has spent most of her adult life in the Caribbean working for various international, regional and national organisations. Married to Bernie Evan-Wong, she has two daughters, Meiling and Sarah, and lives in Antigua.

Category: Non-Fiction, Travel

Type: books

Vendor: Sue Appleby

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