Grand House

Author: Bryce O'Reilly

ISBN 978-1-58939-998-3 (softcover)

440 pages

Marsha Haddonfield and her grown daughter Tricia encounter an unexpected highway detour in the heart of Iowa's corn fields. Forced to use a lonely side road, it isn't long before a flat tire causes them to seek assistance.
Up a gravel driveway an old farmhouse looms. Seemingly set back from the road out of sight on purpose, the farmhouse has seen better days.
Marsha is sure she's seen this farmhouse before although she has never previously stepped foot on this plot of land. This residence gives her a feeling of deja vu and reminds her of a past tragedy in her family.
Unable to get the farmhouse out of her mind, she researches it. The more she learns the more puzzled she becomes. Can this be the same farmhouse she saw burn to the ground many years earlier? How is that possible? Is this the same place where her sister died? Why is there a triangle shaped crop circle in the corn field? As more answers become apparent, she encounters creepy scarecrows and sees lights in the sky. What is the connection? Is this farmhouse somehow a catalyst for all these macabre incidents?
Convinced she alone must put a stop to the evil, Marsha hatches a plan to destroy the farmhouse. Will she succeed in destroying it? Or will it destroy her first?


The author is a Florida native who enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures. He dreams of someday sailing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the South China Sea and docking in amazing Hong Kong. He enjoys reading, writing, rainy days with lots of lightning, French cuisine and road trips. Grand House is his second published novel. His debut novel, Soho Loft Number Six, was published in May, 2006. Several additional books are due out in 2007.

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: Bryce O'Reilly

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