Gardner, McAnallen, Ralston and Fehrenbach Family History

Author: Beatrice F. Mansfield

ISBN 1-58939-670-7 (softcover)
ISBN 1-58939-688-x (eBook)

432 pages


Hearing friends talk about their ancestors and genealogical research prompted the author to wonder about her ancestors and started her on a journey that may never end. With the help of distant cousins contacted on the Internet, it was soon apparent that James Gardner of Butler County, Pennsylvania, was her great-great-great-grandfather. But there the trail grew cold. Where was he born and who were his parents? Was he part of the William and Sarah Gardner family that moved from Maryland to the wild frontier of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, either before or during the Revolutionary War?

Most of the descendants of James and Martha "Molly" McAnallen Gardner married, had children and brought many other surnames to the Gardner family tree. Among those surnames are Ackerman, Brinkley, Cameron, Cann, Carson, Dover, Duffy, Fehrenbach, Grossman, Harriger, Hoge, Johnson, Mansfield, Marmie, McAnallen, Mershimer, Ott, Rohrer, Shoaf, Teal, Welsh and Wimer.
With the help of more research and information from yet unknown cousins, this family tree will continue to grow and spread its branches. Perhaps we will even learn about the ancestors of James Gardner.

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