Frogs, Fireworks, Phosphor

Author: Mrinal Khaund

ISBN 1-58939-956-0 (softcover)

360 pages

This is a true narration of a family's struggle with a schizophrenic son Sunil to cope in the fast changing society from post British era to modern India (1950s to 2000) in the most secluded state of Assam; the narration is by the mentally disabled but educated son as he saw the world around him evolve and move ahead. It is also the story of a child bride Kamini & her elderly but industrious husband Kamal who were trying utmost to raise a family of three "not so gifted" children in a period where the middle class societal expectations of doing well in academic life and conforming to the norm put tremendous pressure on all the family members especially on Sunil. At the end though, it was Kamini, who despite having no more formal education than grade level, found the key to Sunil's therapy which was to coax him to write this book even if it meant sharing with him her most intimate story, of being with her husband the very first time as a child bride or, from time to time, facing the violent rage and outbursts from Sunil as he tries hard to recount the events of the past.


Mr. Mrinal Khaund grew up in a middle class family in the post British era India (Assam). He obtained a M.A. degree in English literature from Guwahati University and was a teacher of English literature in a small college before joining Assam Administration Service for a brief period. He now lives in Guwahati, India.

Category: Biography, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Mrinal Khaund

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