F-Dimension & The Crystal Tomb

Author: Zak B. Tjewels

ISBN 978-1-60264-820-3 (softcover)

312 pages

This is the third of four books in the series, Serious Pink and Satin Yellow. In the first book, "From the Depths of Heaven, [OSAYKS]"Thorlainen escapes from a lifetime of slavery serving a totalitarian world government. In book two, "Flee the Tellurian Empire, [OSAKAKS]"Thorlainen captains the Aquatransporter, and is chased across the Great Sea by the Tellurian Navy. (A full synopsis of Book 1 & 2 can be found in the preface.) And now, in this book, the retelling continues at the point where the megastorm has already hit them. The Aquatransporter has dropped violently through the strange crystal substance. At this moment, their world, filled with a multitude of horrific, yet curious experiences, is silent and dark. It happened so fast, lying where he fell on the deck of the bridge with his arms still holding tightly on to Sue Ling; Thorlainen, in moments of consciousness, begins to piece together an idea of the events that came with the onrushing storm.


Zak B. Tjewels- life has been boats: Grammar School naval cadets, sailing, designing, building. Except for hitchhiking across North Africa and ending up under house arrest in Libya, during the first revolution, Zak spent his youth sailing the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

One day in 1977, quite unprepared, he found himself in Finland for good, as it turned out. This country was a complete contrast to those far off sunny islands and, in staying here, Zak literally met his greatest trials and tribulations. The impressions of some of his experiences formed the basis of these books.

Several times he fled to the sun; back again to Africa, once to visit a missionary in Kenya, and then later to teach ambulance drivers to drive ambulance boats on Lake Tanganyika for SIDA. But Finland is a land of linguists, and he stayed there for his children's sake. This decision proved right as, unlike Zak, his children speak the Finnish official languages and also other languages fluently; a real plus in today's world.

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: Zak B. Tjewels

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