Equipping the Saints- Volume One

Author: Michael W. Moore

ISBN 978-1-62137-864-8 (softcover)

126 Pages


A must for every Christian library, this is a great reference book for the believer! Here are just a few of the questions answered: * How does one 'really' spend eternity with Christ? * There are so many Bibles, is there really a difference? * Does Baptism save? * Can women preach? After reading this book, you will be able to answer questions that many preachers today cannot - and have chapter and verse to back it! This book is not the thoughts of just one man and/or his interpretation. It not only has the seal of approval of LifeWay, it has been deemed scripturally sound by two different theological boards as well. The answers to these questions and more are often twisted or avoided in many churches today.

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