Downstream: The Street Side of Oil

Author: Joseph J. Henry

ISBN: 978-1-62137-312-4 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-62137-312-4 (eBook)

238 pages

This story is a hybrid genre of sorts, combining creative non-fiction with memoir. Dialogue, anecdotes and oil factoids are interwoven to provide the reader with an action packed, fast paced but smooth read. 

The chronological form covers two decades of oil tumult involving oil shortages, wild price swings, government mandates prompted by political posturing and a bit of unexpected romance. 

This book is about Oil Marketing. This true tale follows the path of one young man fresh from the battlefields of Vietnam to the tall towers of major oil marketing, only to be overcome by avarice then cruelly punished by periods of soul-searching and scrambling for economic survival. The surprise ending offers the reader a bit of divine providence. 


The author spent seventeen years in the oil industry from marketing light petroleum products for a major oil company (Mobil Oil), and branded distributor to selling hydrocarbons wholesale through an independent refiner, onto plugging petroleum related equipment (credit card readers) and services (commercial fueling systems). 

The Comprehensive nuts and bolts, behind the scenes experience of marketing oil products and services enable the write to replay, from a unique perspective, the story of Downstream Oil.

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