Disastrous Accidents: Why They Happened

Author: Tom Lund

ISBN 978-1-58939-960-0 (softcover)

300 Pages

News accounts of disastrous accidents often leave one wondering what really happened and what was the real cause of a particular accident. This book presents the underlying causes of many major accidents and identifies the events that precipitated them. The accidents selected are those familiar to many people and that teach important lessons. They were drawn from six diverse fields.

Some of the disasters covered include the Apollo 13 explosion, the Space Shuttle Challenger and Space Shuttle Columbia disasters, the Andrea Doria collision, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor meltdown, the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and many more. 


The author draws on over 40 years experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines to tell the story of these accidents. He has master's degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and business administration, served as electronics officer in the U.S. Navy, and he is an active private pilot with instrument rating.

Category: Non-Fiction, Pop Culture, World Events

Type: books

Vendor: Tom Lund

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