Diagnosis - ALL

Author: Nancy Price

ISBN 978-1-947532-32-8 (softcover); 978-
1-947532-33-5 (eBook)

212 pages

Diagnosis - ALL is about childhood leukemia - Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia. Jennifer saw her father murdered in a grain bin.  She thought Deedee had caused the death. Jennifer thought she contributed to the death by not stopping Deedee. She suffered guilt for years.

Jennifer meets a mental health counselor who tries to help her with the guilt feeling by hypnotizing her and burning a letter addressed to her father.

Jennifer also meets Pastor Littleton and his wife during her struggles in life. The two of them become emotionally bonded.  She teaches him as much as he teaches her about love.

Jennifer also meets another fourth grader in school by the name of Christopher. He falls in love with Jennifer immediately. Christopher’s parents were custodial parents because Christopher lost both of his parents to death when he was a baby. Christopher grew up with an alcoholic father and a sex-crazed mother.  

This is a love story.


Nancy Price was employed as a medical technologist for forty years. She has retired from drawing blood samples, looking through a microscope and cross matching units of blood for surgical procedures. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband where retirement has given her the time to pursue her hobbies one of which is breeding the iris – the Rainbow flower. She still misses the fast pace and excitement of the laboratory, but delights in seeing a new iris in her seedling patch. 

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Vendor: Nancy Price

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