Darby's Bar & Grill

Author: Michael Bridges

ISBN 1-58939-825-4 (softcover)

228 pages


"Darby's Bar & Grill" is "Cheers" written on twenty cups of Fuego de Machala and a Tamada's napalm pizza. Nobody knows for sure what keeps Darby's from collapsing into rubble, unless it's the building's fear of Lorenzo, World's Angriest Short-Order Cook. Through its doors pass Harry Kell, arch-intellect; ace pizza driver Kirby Dzerzhinsky and Melody, his biker-chick girlfriend; Beans Donovan, cemetery salesman extraordinaire; and Kathryn Vosjoli, who is what Scarlett O'Hara would have been like had she been raised by Mother Teresa. And this is not to mention (until now) the Vigilante, the Yellow Dumpster Rats, and the Giant, cockroach from Hell. From these ingredients, the author has created a world that's slightly west of wacky, hilarious, and ultimately touching, with a happy ending yet.


The author was not raised by wolves in the Alaskan wilderness, as some believe. He was raised in Franklin, Indiana, by wonderful human parents. He attended Franklin College of Indiana, where he earned a degree in computer information science, but studied everything he could get his paws on, including Shakespearean comedy, programming languages, history, geology, and accounting. After graduation, he moved to Lexington, Kentucky, where he attended the University of Kentucky, studying business management and (more importantly) creative writing. He has worked in a cafeteria, done college radio theater, tested printer performance for a major corporation, and worked in three different pizza joints. He has traveled all over Europe and the United States, and now lives in Winchester, Kentucky, with the most wonderful woman on the planet and her daughter, Amber. The author is ninety-seven year old, more or less. He has never been an assassin for the Department of Agriculture; stop saying he has.

Category: Fiction, Humor

Type: books

Vendor: Michael Bridges

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