Culture Clash: Evolution of An Expat

Author: Benjamin Long

ISBN 9781621377634 (softcover)
ISBN 9781621377962 (hardcover)

ISBN 9781621377641 (eBook)

318 Pages




"Cultural differences matter: How profoundly they differ and how powerful these differences can be," recounts Benjamin Long, in his riveting first-hand account of his sometimes hilarious and moving struggle to comprehend and adapt to life in a foreign land. Mr. Long's insightful chronicle explores the mechanics - the nuts and bolts - of what makes the American culture unique from any other in the world. He provides a simplified way of grasping an otherwise complex subject, drawing from his personal experiences to show real life examples of the problems that can develop when cultural differences are ignored or underestimated. Ultimately, Culture Clash is a story of hope, survival, and the human capacity to go beyond the boundaries of deep-rooted cultural conditioning and self-imposed limitations.

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