Creator's Children: Allies and Enemies

Author: Valerie A. Welsh

ISBN 9781621373599 (softcover)
ISBN 9781621373605 (eBook)

428 pages

In the second book of the Creator's Children series, the Trichinas infiltrate their enemy, Astwihad's armada. Meeting this horrendous threat and his forces face to face brings even greater sobering reality to the Trichinas. Each incursion shows more of Astwihad's thought processes, plans, and all-consuming hatred of life. Galaxie struggles to keep the Trichinas together and on track through staggering odds and heart breaking loses. The volunteer forces from Earth are challenged with learning technologies and tactics well beyond their experiences. New techniques for learning must be employed. New strategies defined. New leaderships vetted to find those that give Earth the best chance of survival. New relationships are forged amongst the many heroes forming this united alliance against a common enemy. The cold, hard reality of this encroaching threat brings some to their breaking point. New lives are started. New love is born, and close friends meet their end. Even as a new alliance is developed, another unexpected threat level begins to arise that makes the survival of Earth, the Warring, and the others even more tenuous. When and from where will Astwihad strike? How will this new threat show itself in the battlefield?

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