Congressional Integrity

Author: David Michaelson

ISBN: 978-0-9912907-0-3

116 pages

The average American taxpayer was once considered to be a member of the most powerful collective in the United States. How did the awesome power of the vote slip away from concerned citizens and become second banana to the United States Congress? 

Complacency, sprinkled with a liberal dose of apathy has slowly allowed the shift of power from the people to our elected legislators. 

Has greed, power, and the desire for wealth fueled a runaway train threatening to derail our Founder’s image of the American way of life? 

Integrity is defined as doing the right thing at the right time, a quality many of our esteemed members of Congress often fail to accomplish. 


David Michaelson is a multiple award-winning author with two Silver Medals, a Gold Medal, and several other literary awards. He served his country honorably in the United States Navy. He has been a critically-acclaimed-chef-restaurant owner, a competitive USVBA volleyball player and a high schoo head coach with an undefeated record in league play. He has been a volleyball referee and a professional umpire.

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