Computer Ease

Author: Helen Gallagher

ISBN 1-58939-815-7 (softcover)
ISBN 1-58939-822-X (eBook)

120 Pages

"Computer Ease" is a state of mind - one you can't reach when you're frustrated. It's hard to feel like a success when your mouse won't move, you're stuck on hold with tech support, and you can't format a page margin. There isn't one magical manual for all computer problems because computing is both so broad and so specific to a user's unique needs. But there is a way to understand why computers work the way they do, and how you can gain the upper hand. 

"Computer Ease" shares a positive strategy and philosophy that has already helped hundreds of the author's clients. The book includes real world solutions, actual user profiles, and Helen Gallagher's unique perspective from her years of consulting with Computer Clarity. With this book, you can finally understand how to manage your files, deal with error messages, learn keyboard shortcuts, protect your computer from spyware, and realize the power of the web.


Helen Gallagher was lured to computers because they had an Escape key. Since launching Computer Clarity in 1996, she has been teaching and solving problems for users from ages 9 to 90. As a consultant, she shares her philosophy and computer confidence with over 250 clients. She wrote "Computer Ease" in response to client requests, begging, and flattery. She trains at colleges, speaks at seminars and conferences, and wins shiny awards for her writing and community involvement. She has been published nationwide, with over 100 articles focusing on business and technology. Ms. Gallagher has a B.A. in Finance from Elmhurst University and lives in Glenview, Illinois. After a 30-year career in the corporate realm, Helen is delighted to provide computer clarity, one client at a time, and to stamp out computer illiteracy. Contact,

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