Bittersweet Tamed

Author: David Michaelson

ISBN 978-0-98484-224-7 (softcover)
ISBN 978-0-9848422-5-4 (eBook)

326 pages

BITTERSWEET TAMED is the third book in the Odeon Trilogy. In this volume, the two families that survived the great massacre have discovered more colonists still trapped inside their cryogenic chambers. There is not enough food for them all, so the two patriarchs decide to awaken twelve of the eldest in the hope that age will equal wisdom. The humans learn to live with the wrath of Savior Tree in their efforts to survive on a planet where death and dismemberment are constant threats. The very tree they fear may actually be the only way they can thrive and reproduce, for the humans have discovered it is safer to be near the Savior Tree than outside it's deadly protective reach. The ingenious humans inadvertently discover a way of saving the friendly race of aliens called Odeons when the evil "Ancient Ones" return to Alpha Centauri to reclaim their once dominant place in the cosmos. Settlers on the planet must contend with harsh and extreme weather, hostile flying flesh eaters and the ever-present specter of the deadly Savior Tree. Once the laws of the Savior Tree are followed, respected and understood, a new breed of human | guardians is created. These protectors of man are charged with the task of ending diseased life before the Savior Tree can mount an attack.

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: David Michaelson

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