Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy

Author: Petros Koutoupis

ISBN 978-1-60264-185-3 (hardcover)

344 pages


Explore the world to which the Bible has been written in. Following the Documentary Hypothesis, each author provides clues to the origins of their writings. These clues reveal hidden propoganda and agendas during the time-frame to which the author had set these writings to scrolls. Biblical Origins is the first book in a future series, dedicated to solving the long lasting mystery: Who wrote the Bible? It is when this is identified that the scriptures of the Hebrew Bible will truly come to life, finally providing us with the answers to all else relating to it. There has been much confusion when attempting to date the Pentateuch, especially when considering the Documentary/Source Hypothesis. To what time-frame does each source/ author belong and under what influence do these writings come into existence? These questions have been plaguing both scholars and non-scholars since the very beginning of biblical studies. Designated towards scholarly research, Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy offers new insights to the author referred to as the Yahwist (J) and his role for giving us one of the most influential narratives read to this day. The origins of the Bible and its authorship are now revealed, with the author's influence based on the current conditions of the time and backed by Judaean political agendas. The Yahwist is not only identified to a specific period in Judiac history but as a result from additional research and analysis, clues are obtained confirming the identity of the Yahwist from another author in the Documentary Hypo-thesis, referred to as the Elohist (E). In addition to all the research revealed there is also an attempt in solving some of the Bible's oldest mysteries. The origins for the stories of Eden, the Flood, Babel, etc. are also carefully dissected and explained from the scribes' point of view. As a bonus the author provides, in an appendix chapter, his critical analysis of Genesis 14 and an identity to the author who wrote it.


Petros Koutoupis, a full-blooded Greek fluent in the language, has been a student of Septuagintal Greek and Biblical Hebrew for quite some time now with additional knowledge in Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Akkadian grammar. His work focuses specifically on the Iron Age of both Meso-potamian and Levantine history, leading to a quest to find the origins of the Holy Scriptures called the Old Testament. In his recent research, Petros has been focusing on the Documentary Hypothesis and has made a courageous attempt to place a clearer date to the writings under the author we refer to as the Yahwist (J). As a result, our modern understanding of biblical history has to be re-evaluated for future scholarship.

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