An Adopted Legacy

Author: Petros Koutoupis

ISBN 978-1-60264-004-7 (softcover)

176 pages

There has been much confusion when attempting to date the Pentateuch; especially when considering the Documentary/Source Hypothesis. To what time-frame does each source/author belong and under what influenced do these writings come into existence? These questions have been plaguing both scholars and non-scholars since the very beginning of biblical studies.

Designated towards scholarly re-search, "An Adopted Legacy" offers new insights to the Yahwistic (J) source of the Book of Genesis and its origins. A smaller timeframe of writing for the Yahwistic author is given by the end of this book while attempting to solve some of the Bible's oldest mysteries. Being the first book of a two-part series, this concentrates more specifically on the primeval history of the Book of Genesis while the second, which is currently being researched, covers the patriarchal history of both Genesis and Exodus (with sources cited in Leviticus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel and 1 Kings).

A lot of emphasis has been placed in not only both Mesopotamian and Levantine history and geography but also both Hebrew and Aramaic grammar; with exhaustive research using the Masoretic Hebrew and Samaritan Pentateuch, the Greek Septuagint, ancient mythologies, archaeological records and museum catalogues, among many other materials at the author's disposal.



In the case of Petros Koutoupis, being full-blooded Greek and completely fluent in the language of, he has been a student of Septuagintal Greek and Biblical Hebrew with much knowledge still in Aramaic and the far more ancient Semitic languages of both Ugaritic and Akkadian. His main focus of historical study is centralized toward the Iron Age of both Mesopotamian and Levantine history. It is as if Petros has been on a quest to find out the origins of the Holy Scriptures we call the Old Testament.

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