Adoption Healing ... a path to recovery - Supplement

Author: Joe Soll

ISBN 978-0-615-51370-6 (softcover)

210 pages

If you've been separated by adoption, this book is for you. It has an innovative approach to inner child work to heal the wounds of those separated by adoption.

"Adoption Healing ... a path to recovery Supplement," a unique book, contains updated information not included in the originals. The reader is provided with a description of the aftermath of the separation of mother and child and the profound effects on both of their lives. This is followed by additional methods of healing the subsequent wounds, including more inner child work, new visualizations, healing affirmations, anger management and other thoughts and suggestions for healing. Every chapter includes a summary and exercises to do on one's own.


Joe Soll, author of the original "Adoption Healing... a path to recovery" and co-author of "Evil Exchange" and "Fatal Flight," is a psychotherapist and lecturer internationally recognized as an expert in adoption related issues. He is director and co-founder of Adoption Crossroads, an international, non-profit organization consisting of over 470 adoption agencies, mental health institutions and adoption search and support groups in 8 countries, representing over 500,0000 individuals whose lives have been affected by adoption. Adoption Crossroads is dedicated to educating the public about adoption issues and reforming current adoption practices.

Since 1989, Mr. Soll has organized and coordinated 10 international mental health conferences on adoption attended by mental health professionals. He has been an expert witness in court about adoption related issues and has lectured widely at adoption agencies, social work schools, mental health facilities and mental health conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

Mr. Soll has appeared on radio and television over 300 times, given over 150 lectures on adoption related issues and has been acknowledged, quoted or featured in over four dozen newspapers, books and magazines.

He has been portrayed as a therapist in an NBC made-for-television movie about adoption, played himself in the HBO special "Reno Finds Her Mom," was featured in the 2000 Global Japan award-winning documentary, "Adoption Therapist: Joe Soll" and in the MediaStorm 2011 documentary "Broken Lines." Mr. Soll has also been profiled in the International Museum of Women.

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