A History of the Family of Marshall and Rebecca [Sinclair] Crawford

Author: Don and Melinda Crawford

ISBN 978-1-60264-091-7 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-092-4 (hardcover)

224 pages

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 resulted in a giant wave of American migration westward. In the 1820s and 1830s, Native American Indians were also moved, by the government, from their homelands in the southeastern United States into northwestern Arkansas and the Indian Territory of what is now Oklahoma. These were times of rapid change, conflict and violence on the frontier as America grew westward. Competition for land created conflicts between white settlers, newly arrived Indians, and the tribes that had called this land home for centuries. This is the story of a family whose members were an integral part of this piece of American history. Kentuckian Marshall Crawford and Tennessean Rebecca Sinclair were among those southern immigrants. They married young, in the Arkansas Territory, during its turbulent 1820s, and then moved their family to Texas in 1843. They and their children helped settle the Texas frontier. Their children and their children's descendants spread throughout Texas, and in some cases beyond its boundaries. A History of the Family of Marshall and Rebecca [Sinclair] Crawford helps explain the history of the settlement of this region of America, from the perspective of one family's experiences.


Don L. Crawford was a Professor at the University of Idaho for 30 years, serving as the Head of the Environmental Science Program there for his final three years on the faculty. After an illustrious career, during which he mentored over 50 graduate students and authored or co-authored over 150 refereed research publications, he retired to pursue historical and genealogical research of his Crawford ancestors.

Melinda Blanchard Crawford was a Registered Nurse in both hospital and office settings and also the Office Manager for a biotechnology company. After 21 years. She retired to pursue the challenge of genealogical research.

Don and Melinda's first book (published in 2002), The Settlers of Lovely County and Miller County, Arkansas Territory 1820-1830, gives a historical perspective of the settling of these two early Arkansas counties and provides transcriptions of the depositions of settlers who applied for donation lands from the government when Lovely County was abolished as a result of a treaty with the Cherokee Indians.

Don and Melinda have collaborated on this historical genealogical account of the Marshall Crawford family, with the hope that it will be of benefit to Marshall and Rebecca's descendants and others interested in the Marshall Crawford story.

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