A Collection of One Act Scripts 1

Author: Aluta Nite

ISBN 978-1-62137-205-9 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-207-3 (eBook)

155 pages

Living in several big cities, small towns, and varied countryside with different life styles and economic situations, make drama very palpable many a times. Having schooled and worked upcountry, in different cities and countries, the author has had her fair share of mixing with people of different walks of life, languages, cultures and races. The opportunity to see firsthand the social, cultural, economic, and political environments in which people live and operate makes it possible for her to write on many aspects of life.


Aluta Nite is an author and writer. Her extensive background allows her to write about anything and everything by way of collections of prose-poetry/lyrics, children’s books, humor/anecdotes, collections of short stories, biographies, one-act scripts, self-help and cookery. She writes for adults, the youth and children. She gets motivated by what she experiences, sees, hears and reads. Her spare time is spent on reading, writing, observation, conversation, crossword puzzles, scrabble, music, cooking, strolling and more. She is a mother and a wife. After graduating from college, she worked in the private financial sector, became an entrepreneur in dairy and horticulture and now does part time quick-books and running family errands.

Category: Fiction, Poetry, Screen, Short Stories

Type: books

Vendor: Aluta Nite

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