What Should We Do? Notes on Writing Action & Policy Proposals

Author: P.S. Borkowski

ISBN 978-1-947532-42-7 (softcover)

78 pages

This manual provides writing instructors with additional notes on the psychology of persuasion which are often overlooked in many textbooks on the subject. It is also suitable for self-instruction. Based on their own needs and experience, instructors can supplement course content by designing individual and small-group activities based on the material presented. The manual begins with remarks on a variety of topics including question types, target profiling, and the instability of facts in persuasive discourse. The second half presents a model of argument for use in assignments. The manual concludes with notes on legislative proposals, refutations, and a simplified debate model for classroom use.


Category: policy, propsals

Type: books

Vendor: P.S. Borkowski

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