From Pub to Pub on the Coast to Coast

Author: Bryan D. Cummins

ISBN: 9781621374701 (softcover)
ISBN: 9781621374718 (eBook)

168 pages

"From Pub to Pub" is a personal account of England's renowned 200 mile Coast to Coast Walk, which extends from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. The trek embraces, among other things, three national parks. Cummins examines the Coast to Coast as a form of eco-tourism and as a "pilgrimage." What compels a person to spend two or three weeks trekking across rugged wilderness for distances of up to 24 miles per day? Is it spiritual, cathartic, therapeutic or simply a personal challenge? Or is it a quest for meaning in a highly technological and fast-paced world that denies us the slightest amount of tranquility and no opportunities to connect with our environment, our history, and each other? Related to this is the social bonding that occurs. Pubs are where people convene to relax, share their walking experiences, and contemplate tomorrow's adventures. They are, indeed, "public houses" and loci of local culture. In England, walking occupies a special place in the cultural consciousness. Cummins examines this uniquely British phenomenon and how it has led to the development of long distances walks as one aspect of eco-tourism. Finally, throughout the book, he takes readers into every pub on the Coast to Coast and shares with them a pint. 


Bryan Cummins is a cultural anthropologist who works in the eastern subartic and in rural Europe. His anthropological research is primarily in the areas of land use and land tenure, relations with the State, resistance, and government regulation and control of traditional subsistence activities. Cummins' fieldwork has been primarily with the Cree and Algonquin in Ontario and Quebec and with shepherds in the French Pyrenees. Among his many books are Only God Can Own the Land: The Attawapiskat Cree (2003), Faces of the North: The Ethnographic Photography of John Honigmann (2004), First Nations, First Dogs: Canadian Aboriginal Ethnocynology (2002), Bear Country: Predation, Politics, and the Changing Face of Pyrenean Pastoralism(2008), and the award-winning Our Debt to the Dog: How the Domestic Dog Helped Shape Human Societies (2013). He taught for McMaster University's Department of Anthropology for over 20 years and now teaches part-time for Trent University.

Category: Non-Fiction, Travel

Type: books

Vendor: Bryan D. Cummins

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