Aging Is A Journey of Changes

Author: Marcia Casar Friedman

ISBN 978-1-60264-893-7 (softcover)

218 pages

Do you appreciate the insights gained from aging? Do you avoid changes, thinking and hoping that by keeping the status quo, everything will be fine? So many questions, so little time! Marcia Casar Friedman presents playful evaluation tools to guide the reader on a path to discover the lifelong perplexing answer to "Who am I?"

Life does not come with a how-to-age manual, but if it did, the subjects covered in "Aging Is A Journey Of Changes," would be included in that guidebook.

Learn how to thoughtfully analyze aging changes and develop improved daily decision-making skills. This is a work book! If you want an improved life, effort is essential. Find your new inspirational light, coming from the wisdom of changing.

Be the best you can be, by exploring these subjects in the book:

    - How to handle changes
    - The importance of living a balanced life
    - Creating and implementing wish lists
    - Making peace with technology
    - Stages of development
    - Recognize and appreciate personal feelings
    - Myths and truths of aging
    - Writing is healing

Much appreciation to the contributors, who are on their own journey of changes: Ronna Harris Askin, Mirian Bethancourt, Rita H Cytryn, Terry Fineberg, Cynthia Weiner Simon, Steve Stone, and Carl Jack Unger.

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