A Path for All Beings

Author: Thomas Pearce

ISBN 978-0-578-13732-2 (softcover) 
ISBN 978-0-578-14750-5 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-4951-0158-8 (eBook)

122 pages

In 1974, a young spiritual seeker received a remarkable gift (which ancient legends revere as the “Golden Lotus of Love”) from India’s two greatest teachers: Krishna (ca. 3000 BCE) and the Buddha (ca. 563-483 BCE). He then spent the next 30 years learning through many humorous misadventures about the gift and how to use it to help the world.

He discerned from the logic of the gift that the six major crises facing the world and all social ills are human-made and preventable; and that they can be solved by a grassroots movement that inspires each of us to create our own life as a joyful expression of ever-widening circles of love and understanding in order to relieve the suffering of all beings – all humans, animals, plants and the Earth!

He calls this solution a Path for All Beings because it can guide all of us – young or old, religious or non-religious – to the happy living and world peace we so urgently seek!

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