Smog Demons: Terrorists From Outer Space

Author: David V. White

ISBN 1-58939-307-4 (softcover)

224 Pages

Is there a link between smog and terrorism? What about UFOs and the extinction of dinosaurs? What if smog is needed by some grotesque aliens from outer space - smog-breathing aliens? And what if they are slowly but surely adjusting our atmosphere by means of meteorite bombardment, causing global warming and smog? What if one time, 65 million years ago, they got in a hurry while sending a meteorite, not like the one causing a mile-wide crater in Arizona, but one that dug a hole one-hundred miles wide on the Yucatan Peninsula? This catastrophe explosion would hurl tons of dust into the atmosphere, blotting out the sun for decades and eventually killing off the dinosaurs.

Most of us have never considered such preposterous questions. And neither had Rick and Pam Johnson, until one day they accidentally uncovered some information so bizarre and dangerous they dare not report it because they also discovered that the FBI and CIA were in on it. All global threats up to now would become insignificant. The greatest of all threats would become known to Rick and Pam as Smog Demons, terrorists from outer space.


Dave White is retired from a career in microwave communications. He was employed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a microwave specialist, involved in planetary radar experiments. This work required frequent trips to the Goldstone Tracking Station. He has since worked as a test engineer and technical writer. Dave has drawn on much of this experience to create Smog Demons.

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: David V. White

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