Short Story Collections: Volume 1

Author: Joseph Decker

ISBN 978-0-9909869-5-9 (softcover)

94 pages



In the Short Story Series-Volume 1, author Joseph Decker provides his readers with three sci-fi stories dealing with UFOs, time warps, and an advanced civilization attempting to wipe out a plague that threatens its very existence.

In “The Collectors,” a weekend outing to find artifacts in the desert by four friends—two engineers and two lawyers—results in the tables being turned on them and true friendships being tested to the limit. The desert presents its beauty as well as its dangers, especially at night when the darkness engulfs them and sounds, animals, and terrain amplify the dangers and the unknown that is before them.

In “The Glow,” an advanced society is on constant alert and vigilance for a plague that,  if allowed to spread, threatens their existence. Utilizing the latest in satellite reconnaissance, a constant surveillance of planets and moons in its area of responsibility is an ongoing activity. When a glow is detected on an uninhabited moon, immediate action is taken and the society goes into full alert to investigate and determine the cause of the glow to eliminate the problem.

“The Stop Sign” deals with a young salesman as he travels in his red Corvette from California to Texas through the deserts of the southwest in order to see his girlfriend and future wife waiting for him in Corpus Christi, Texas. A non-believer in UFOs, paranormal activity, and sci-fi stories and movies, the young salesman is dealt with a series of events that changes his mind and makes him a the unknown. As he travels from California, he finds himself being unknowingly directed, and out of his way, to Roswell, New Mexico, where it all began. It is here where his adventure begins.



Joseph Decker, a native of Laredo, Texas, is an author of short stories, poetry and novels. A graduate of Texas A&M University, he has worked in the technology industry, owned an engineering firm and now directs business owners for a major university. He continues to write fiction, and also shares his thoughts on a wide range of topics — from historical to the paranormal — on the web at


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