The Sons of the Fathers

Author: Clara M. Miller

ISBN 1-58939-803-3 (softcover)

ISBN 1-58939-804-1 (hardcover)

316 pages

"The Sons of the Fathers," the eleventh volume in the BROTHERS Series and the seventh in the Shamrocks Saga, continues the story of the Quigley family. As the older generation ages and dies, the young generation gives way to their children and the younger generation begins to face the trials their parents had already endured. The demons haven't given up on trying to capture or slay members of the Quigley family by whatever name they're known. Each of the cousins is subjected to horrendous tests because the game is complicated by the addition of demon surrogates. Now the Kennison children will find out if being half-Archangel has any advantages. The Old Man watches with interest as the latest chapter in the saga unfolds.


The author was born in Buffalo, NY. Her first published book, Echoes of a Haunting (1999) is non-fiction. In the fiction field, she has written: Brothers (2001); Once A Demon (2002); Birds of a Feather (2002); Cirque Diabolique (2003); Shamrocks in the Heather (2003); A Breath of Old Smoke (2004); Daughters of Gemini (2004); Under the Southern Cross (2004); Path to Destiny (2005); and The Eye of the Storm (2005) - all in the Brothers Series. In 1975, he moved West, finally settling in Oregon. She currently resides in the coastal town of Florence with her mother, their dog "Dear" Abby and their cat.

Category: Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Clara M. Miller

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