The Reluctant Heretic

Author: Clara M. Miller

ISBN 1-58939-857-2 (softcover)

ISBN 1-58939-858-0 (hardcover)

504 pages

The Reluctant Heretic, the twelfth volume in the BROTHERS Series and the first in the SAGA OF THE TRAVELERS, relates the strange background and exciting adventures of the mysterious Frenchman, Andre Giroux. It also interweaves the tale of the ordeals endured by some unlikely victims of the Nazis. The story moves back and forth between the two stories and two time periods.


The author was born in Buffalo, New York. Her first published book, Echoes of a Haunting (1999) is non-fiction. In the fiction field, she has written: Brothers (2001), Once a Demon (2002), Birds of a Feather (2002), Cirque Diabolique (2003), Shamrocks in the Heather (2003), A Breath of Old Smoke (2004), Daughters of Gemini (2004), Under the Southern Cross (2004), Path to Destiny (2005) and Sons of the Fathers (2005) all in the BROTHERS Series. In 1990 she settled in Florence, Oregon with her mother, their dog, "Dear" Abby and their cat, Miss Kitty.

Category: Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Clara M. Miller

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