Stelletwal: Sacrifice

Author: Tiffany Carmel Lake

ISBN 978-1-60264-805-0 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-807-4 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-806-7 (eBook)

162 pages


Bestowed to King Ryshan in a truce, Princess Tsavryel is torn between loyalty and her beliefs when she compromises her future for the benefit of her homeland. But the war is not over. Pushed to her limits while executing her father's deceptive scheme, Tsavryel realizes her true allies and the key within herself for salvation. Meanwhile, the Faerie kingdom of Stelletwal has lost its king in battle against the relentless Pixins. Reluctantly, Altryune accepts the crown, but the ideals of a king are far different from those of a soldier. As Altryune struggles with his identity, friends Talinsyr and Endromyne confront their own challenges with their new roles in his life. A decision regarding the fate of Endromyne's sister Finyanna surfaces, as the young maiden rebels against Stelletwal's laws restricting magic. Facing the solitary consequences of her actions in the northern reaches of the forest, she is befriended by a mysterious Fay, who has a discomforting motive for keeping her alive.
Visit Stelletwal and the Western Clans one generation before the Faerie and Elfin kingdoms unite in "Stelletwal Deception & Illumination." Two independent storylines serve as the foundations in this carefully woven prequel. This is "Stelletwal Sacrifice."


Tiffany graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a Master's in Classical Vocal Performance. Her love for fantasy, stage combat, costumes, and the rich traditions of grand opera have served as the foundations for her episodic legacy, "Stelletwal." Her travels have taken her through Europe and Japan where she experienced many cultures while communicating through the boundless language of music. Inspired by strong historical figures and timeless archetypes, Tiffany brings new life to Elves and Faeries exhibiting very human qualities while confronting and struggling with universal issues of honor, entitlement, and personal growth. She reside with her husband and two cats in Los Angeles, California.

Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Tiffany Carmel Lake

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