Hers is Beauty

Author: Brandon Boyd

ISBN 1-58939-311-2 (softcover)

112 pages

Hers Is Beauty is a deeply touching and heartfelt tribute to the lost art of romance. It offers a glimpse into the heart of a man as he expresses the depth of his love for a woman that he has never seen nor felt the warmth of her touch. Yet, he knows her so well because she lives in the stillness of his heart. The sentiments of love expressed through this book are so precious and sincere, Hers Is Beauty will bring tears to your eyes as its message of hope captures your heart.


Brandon Boyd is a first-time author whose inspiration for writing Hers Is Beauty is based on his own personal journey in search of love. Though he has yet to hold a woman's hand or feel the softness of her embrace, he believes that every heart is given its own season. A message that he hopes will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of falling in love, but has yet to capture its beauty.

Category: Fiction, Romance

Type: books

Vendor: Brandon Boyd

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