Twilight Conspiracy

Author: Pegge and Steve Hofman

ISBN 978-1-60264-046-7 (softcover)

328 pages


Zoe Greene, speeding along an isolated highway, notices a light in the night sky. It's gone in a streak almost before she has a chance to note it...but note it she does. And later, when she would go over the events of that evening, it was the fiery streak that marked the beginning of the nightmare. Justin Creed, sprawled in his swivel chair, sips coffee and warily eyes his computer. Lately, the PC seemed to have a mind of its own; a weird, spooky mind. Sometimes, there are images that scare the you-know-what out of him. Dr. Arthur Dillman, a retired OBGYN, is obsessed with the autopsy of a suicide's fetus. Even after thirty-five years, the sight of the tiny creature haunts him. Driven to dig deeper by a series of strange events, the doctor becomes convinced a grand conspiracy is being orchestrated...and if he is right, the implications are shocking. Three strangers, drawn together by inexplicable forces, find themselves thrust into the center of mankind's greatest challenge. The only question: Are they game?


Pegge and Steven Hofman won the San Diego Christian Writers Guild Award for Excellence in Writing for "The Greenwood Prophecy," their debut novel. They live in Southern California.

Category: Fiction, Mystery, Religious, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: Pegge Hofman

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