Author: Robert DePaolo

ISBN: 978-1-60264-164-8  

412 pages


By the year 30 A.D. ten percent of Romans living in Judea had converted to the Jewish faith. Is it possible that among those who crucified Jesus of Nazareth were some who revered him? 2115 A.D. A team of archeologists discovers a body in Midian. Latin inscriptions refer to the man as 'Misum Dei." The scientists are skeptical - the public is not. The "Jesus stimulus" is incongruent with modern times. Religious rivalries are intensified and war breaks out. The Vatican summons world political and religious leaders to the Arbrahamic Council and peace is at hand, until bioengineers enter the picture. "Resurrection" is a historical, allegorical moral tone that puts human nature and modern morals under a microscope.

Category: Fiction, Religious

Type: books

Vendor: Robert DaPaolo

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