Enoch and the Inventory of Miracles

Author: Howard Michael Riell

ISBN 978-1-60264-187-7 (softcover)

322 pages

As you already know if you've read my six-volume Enoch series, I am a veteran journalist who since 1986 has been part of a small group of friends involved in an ongoing series of supernatural and decidedly religious events that can only be viewed as part of the classical prophetic experience.
It started with channeled messages and went on to include ecstatic religious visions, accurate predictions of future events, hundreds of jaw-dropping coincidences and communication with a variety of disincarnate consciousnesses including, if it is to be believed, Moses' brother Aaron and disciple Joshua, Jesus, philosopher Philo of Alexandria, the angels Michael, Raziel and Metatron, and God Himself.
The messages and coincidences that my friends and I have received and observed outline several over-arching themes that these entities have endeavored to communicate to us.
God exists, and is involved in human events.

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