Enoch and the Book of Coincidences IV: Star and Cross

Author: Howard Michael Riell

ISBN 1-58939-985-3 (softcover)

136 pages

In this, the fourth installment in the "Enoch" saga, author Howard Michael Riell and his friend "Rosalyn" encounter still more impossible coincidences, rapturous messages of divine love, a startling prediction of the fall of the Soviet Union, a son and daughter suspended between heaven and Earth, more messages bearing information neither of the friends possessed, promises of punishment for the wicked, and of a powerful ally to come, discourses on the nature of God and the human soul, and the beginnings of the universe, advice for the faltering State of Israel, mounting frustration and rage on the part of the author the ominous presence of opponents who will stop at nothing to prevent their success, and still more messages foretelling the imminent end of Christianity and its re-absorption into Judaism -- an unprecedented reuniting, only barely in time for the apocalyptic climax of human history, of Star and Cross.


Veteran journalist Howard Michael Riell is the author of Enoch and the Book of Coincidences; Enoch and the Book of Coincidences II: Second Messiah; Enoch and the Book of Coincidences III: Promise; and a book of short stories entitled The Merciful Rebuke Satan. Please visit www.EnochCoincidence.com.

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