A Flight of Poems: A Collection of Poems

Author: Evergreen Poets

ISBN 978-1-947532-29-8 (softcover)

194 pages

"A Flight of Poems" is a poetry book featuring a collection of poems by poets
who live in Evergreen, Colorado. The book reflects the diversity of the many
voices in the Evergreen poetic community. The 35 poets included in this collection are:

Lynn Allbright
Clare Alsko
Paula Bard
Jean Barringer
Jean Bell
Kathi Bernier
Susan Bickert
Connie Bierkan
Shelly Black
Katherine Bond
Carolyn Evans Campbell
Kay Crook
Barrie Fiedler
Kathi Grider
Susan Thomas Hoffmann
Patty Hollow
Marcia Jones
Pat Jurgens
Jim Keller
Susan Kerr
Nancy Larner
Tom Lincoln
Peggy Markham
Sandra S. McRae
Laura Mehmert
Lynn Mergen
Kari Miller
Murray Moulding
Sam Nelson
Jane Pettibone
Mary Simonich
Denise Stoner
Mary Ann Tate
Padma Thornlyre
Nancy Whisman

Type: books

Vendor: Evergreen Poets

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