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Author: Jia Seow

ISBN 978-1-62137-903-4 (softcover)

182 pages

Over the course of a year, these 99 poems document the constant battle between the author and rebellion, responsibilities, relationships, and poetry itself in the ever-churning life of a teenager in Silicon Valley. In her attempt to find a balance among the views of family, peers, and self, Jia Seow seeks the comfort of answers within the reality she has challenged in her exit from childhood, and at the same time learns to accept what can and cannot be changed. Through the following collection, her struggle – the strain of building and maintaining a sense of belonging among others and herself – endures the beginnings of the revolution within her, where both weakness and tenacity thrive in their dissonance.


Jia Seow, age 15 and resident of the California Bay Area, discovered her interest in poetry during her first high school poetry unit. She had considered writing a book at the time, but did not expect to publish her poetry. The joy of expressing herself quickly and concisely led her to find poetry as the perfect medium. Oftentimes, she wonders who else shares her sentiments, like her propensity for associating certain songs with memories, places, and people. Things that make her happy include rain, the color black, summer, open mic nights, and indie and alternative music. Although she spends too much time in her head thinking about changing the past, she remains a proud introvert. At any given moment, she is most likely writing about home, adversity, regret, expectations, love, and you.

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