Poems from the Back Forty

Author: Columbine Poets of Colorado

ISBN 9781947532786 (softcover)

132 pages

Poems from the Back Forty from Columbine Poets of Colorado is a literary collection looking back and celebrating the fortieth anniversary of our state poetry society. The term “back forty” refers to remote acreage that may not be cultivated or landscaped as the area nearer to one’s house. It is a place where wild animals might make their home, where lovers might meet, or where one might go for solitude. Because it is uncultivated, this region is full of possibilities for those who dare visit there.

The “back forty” in all its wildness and mystery symbolizes the unconsciousness, where creativity originates. This place reminds us of the proverbial “road not taken” that Robert Frost says “has made all the difference” in his life. Each of our poets has dared to take this road to the realms of dreams and memories and created a work of beauty for readers to enjoy.

-- Anita Jepson-Gilbert, Editor, Poems from the Back Forty

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