You Know They're Here

Author: Paul J. Kenyon

ISBN 978-1-60264-464-9

534 pages

You Know They're Here is a true story of actual events of a haunted house experienced by this author in the mid-seventies. A family with four children was eventually driven from their home after an unsuccessful exorcism was performed to cleanse their house of unwanted spirits. Kenyon befriended the Dandy family and initially became an evening 'guard' helping to keep the curious from trespassing on their property. The events he experienced for more than a year heightened his sense of the paranormal to frightening levels. For a time, Paul, being the aggressor toward the energies of the house, held the interest of one of the more malevolent entities. You Know They're Here will have you sleeping with the lights on and have you second guessing your beliefs of the spirit world.


Paul Kenyon was born and raised in Olean, a small town in Western New York. At the age of 22, shortly after the death of his beloved mother, he moved to Arizona where he lived for 25 years. He was involved with several businesses including a security company he formed in 1996 which was sold prior to returning to Olean in 1999. Paul has three children. His son Noah, born in Phoenix, now lives in Olean as well. His daughter Karrie and son Joe both reside in Arizona. Paul started writing of his experiences at the House near Hinsdale in 1975 but shelved the idea until his interest was sparked once again in 2007. He has three other books in the works at the publishing of this novel.

Category: Non-Fiction, Paranormal

Type: books

Vendor: Paul J. Kenyon

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