Sudoku: The Middle Way

Author: Thomas M. Morrin

ISBN 978-1-60264-632-2 (softcover)

164 pages


This book will challenge you and increase your ability to solve Sudoku puzzles. One of its core intents is to teach you how to perform at more advanced levels. There are detailed explanations and many examples of each of the techniques covered in the book.
Like all the other Sudoku books you have seen, there are a lot of puzzles inside for you to do. They are in a large format, convenient for whatever notations you prefer to employ. These puzzles vary in difficulty, but none of them are easy. There are, however, very helpful notations with each puzzle to guide you in solving them.
Also available with the purchase of the book is a download of around 3,000 puzzles and software which manages the selection of puzzles by techniques that the user would like to try. It will print selected puzzles and will provide an analysis, including which techniques are needed in what order. The book does not teach "nearly impossible" techniques, rather ones that are enough of a challenge for almost anyone to be completely engaged.

Category: Non-Fiction, Other

Type: books

Vendor: Thomas M. Morrin

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