The Patriot Element

Author: David Michaelson

ISBN 978-0-9885032-4-3 (Softcover)

ISBN 978-0-9885032-5-0 (eBook)

392 pages 

Twin brothers create a special private investigation company to help those in need with unsolvable problems. Together the brothers are a formidable force. One is a former Navy SEAL officer; the other an accomplished Certified Public Accountant with private investigator and repo skills. To meet the needs of their many clients, they form an alliance wih another former Navy SEAL and his connection to many Special Forces veterans. 

Members willing to volunteer their time, skills and knowledge to help others in dire need agree to carry the business cards of the Patriot Element. Through toll-free telephone contacts, meetings are arranged and contracts are drawn up. 

Justice for those suffering the wrath of the Patriot Element is swift. Fees are adjusted so those with insufficient resources can also enjoy the unique brand of vengeance the group is capable of providing. With unlimited financial resources gleaned from the successful elimination of a rogue military drug cartel, no one escapes their brand of justice. 


This novel is David Michaelson's twelfth book. THE PATRIOT ELEMENT is the sequel to the popular novel, BROTHERS LOST. 

David Has been a US Navy Patternmaker, a cabinet-furniture shop owner, line cook, executive chef and the chef-owner of Cozy Cafe, once located in Ferndale, WA. He has been a booth chef for a major national food purveyor and served as Treasurer-Events Chair for his local chefs association. His restaurant received the highest praise ever given by the Bellingham Herald's feared food critic with the comment that 'everyting was perfect.' David has been a USVBA volleyball player, and a high school head volleyball coach, a referee and professional umpire. He has written two cookbooks, one children's book and nine novels. THE BURNTWATER COOK'S KITCHEN GUIDE was awarded a Silver Medal in 2010. His books include two trilogies: The TRAIL COOK western saga, and the Odeon science fiction adventure, which received two additional awards in 2012 (THE CENTAURI INTERVENTION and BITTERSWEET COLONY).

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