Red Wolff

Author: K.T. Mince

ISBN 978-1-60264-171-6 (softcover)

327 pages

The rural Northern California coastal town of Crescent City was the last place anyone expected an Islamic terrorist attack. In their boldest move since 9/11, twenty-nine heavily armed terrorists invade the town's Fourth of July celebration where the Governor of California is giving a speech. When they turn their weapons on the crowd the result is a terrorist version of "Shock and Awe." With the Governor as hostage, the terrorists begin to destroy the town and its citizens while waiting for worldwide media coverage.

Only gay, female California Highway Patrol Sergeant Erin "Red" Wolff and a handful of cops stand in their way. What follows is a 24 hour struggle between the terrorist leader and "Red Wolff" as she plays for time while waiting for help to arrive.

But help isn't coming, at least not for day. The terrorist's planning had been meticulous. By attacking on a three-day holiday weekend they picked a time when the whole countries defenses were down. They blocked all the highways, cut off all communications, and isolated the entire city. The unthinkable had happened; Islamic terrorists were in control of an American town.

They made only made two mistakes in their planning: their first mistake was underestimating how hard ordinary Americans will fight back when attacked. Their second mistake was pissing off "Red Wolff."



During his 30 year career with the California Highway Patrol the author worked all over the state. Starting off as a rookie working graveyard shift on the busy freeways of Los Angeles, he learned the "street smarts" of dealing with the night people of L.A. Then came four years of motorcycle duty. After three motorcycle accidents he transferred to the CHP academy in Sacramento, where he was an instructor for four years, teaching Physical Training and Patrol Tactics. Promoting through the ranks he was a patrol sergeant in the Napa Valley, and then the Lieutenant in command of Crescent City in rural Northern California. As a Captain he commanded the Marin County squad with responsibility for the Golden Gate Bridge. His last assignment was at the Highway Patrol's Sacramento headquarters, where as a Deputy Chief, he was in charge of Personnel and Training Division.

After retiring he moved to the island of Kauai where he lives with his wife and two dogs. On Kauai he was a SCUBA instructor for five years. He now works as the project director for a job training program at Kauai Community College, and teaches at the local police academy.

Category: Action, Adventure, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Type: books

Vendor: K.T. Mince

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