Circle This Mountain: Novel Adventure (The Essential Text)

Author: The Pacific Desperado

ISBN: 978-1-58939-778-9 (softcover)

232 Pages



"Circle This Mountain" is a work of magical realism set against the primeval natural backdrop of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. The story begins after an American expatriate steals a rare book from the home of a Parisian drug dealer. Unknown to Nicolas Fenn, the novel contains evidence incriminating the dealer and his gang, which they will kill to obtain. When Fenn finds that he is the object of an intense manhunt, he flees Europe, heading for the U.S. Realizing that he still is being sought, there, Fenn vanishes into the mist-shrouded, mysterious high country of the Olympic Mountains. Readers who savor a meticulously crafted tale staged in a setting of wild beauty, with a plot driven by intriguing characters and baited with mystery, will enjoy "Circle This Mountain." So, too, will those with a taste for deeper themes: at the center of this story lies a puzzle whose solution works on factual, spiritual, and literary levels alike, a solution which turns upon a corkscrew of irony-the book within this book not only proves to be surprisingly dangerous, but surprisingly liberating as well.

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