The Lost Island

Author: Erik Rizk

ISBN 978-1-62137-440-4 (softcover)

78 pages

What started out to be a fun day visiting a pirate ship museum ended up taking Erik, Gabe and Andrew on an adventure way beyond their imagination. Escaping real bloodthirsty pirates was definitely not their only challenge. Tossed on a strange island, they had to fight not only to survive, but also to help save Johnny and his friends. Who were these people? What has happened to their town? Guided by a map through the island, they conquered obstacle after obstacle until they reached the devastated town. Once there, it was obvious people were in trouble. It was obvious something powerful and evil was trying to destroy human existence. Were Erik, Gabe and Andrew ready to face this challenge, were they ready to confront and oppose this horrible enemy? 


Erik Rizk is a Grade 6 student at the International School of Bangkok located in Thailand, where he is currently residing with his family. Born in Beirut, Lebanon Erik is inspired by his many travels and adventures around the world.
The Lost Island is Erik's first published book. Although the characters in the story are his genuine long time friends from school, his love for fiction and adventure are what sparked his creative imagination. 
Erik enjoys reading, and his favorite books are the "Hunger Games" trilogy, the "Hobbit" and the "Percy Jackson" series. He is a very active and busy boy. He practices tennis, swimming, baseball, track and field and is an active participant of scouting. On a musical front, Erik plays the violin and loves performing as part of his school orchestra.X

Category: Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Erik Rizk

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