The Italian Mystery Adventures of Angus and Edmond

Author: Gunna DIckson

Illustrator: Jon McIntosh

ISBN 978-1-947532-17-5 (hardcover)

70 pages

With the Highlands of Scotland and Key West, Florida, adventures behind them, Angora-mix brothers Angus and Edmond are resting up at home in New York City enjoying the easy life until they cross paths with a shady rodent and begin receiving cryptic messages. A mystery woman arrives on the scene and before they know it they are hot on the trail of clues she leaves behind. They head for Italy where the clues lead them to the opera in Milan and the carnival in Venice. Travel and sightseeing is great, but if you are already a fan of Angus and Edmond, you will know things rarely go as planned. Their Italian mystery moves in unexpected directions, mix-ups occur and danger threatens, but the quick-witted cats are ready for any challenge. Angus and Edmond are a pair of resourceful littermates adopted from the New York Humane Society, and every day is an adventure. Written by Gunna Dickson and illustrated by Jon McIntosh, this third book of lively cat tales will appeal to animal lovers and children of all ages.


Gunna Dickson is a New York based writer, editor and translator who was inspired by her adopted cats to write a book for pet lovers and children of all ages.  


Jon McIntosh has won many awards doing art from design to illustration, comic strips to children's books, commercial art and fine art.  

Category: Angora, Angus, cats, Edmond

Type: books

Vendor: Gunna Dickson

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