Sea Cows at Play: Cartoons of "Udder" Nonsense

Author: Mary Alice Brown

ISBN 978-1-62137-021-5 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-62137-022-2 (eBook)

134 pages

This cartoon book is pure fun on one side, but on the corresponding side to each cartoon is a serious message from God’s Word. Many cartoons will leave you laughing hilariously but others will have a profound message of truth in them. This book is more than just a cartoon book in that is uses humor to present the Word of God. The end result is that “Sea Cows at Play” marries the ridiculous to the sublime in a creative way. It shows that God is indeed serious and that He means what He says, but He is not a “stuffed shirt.” The overall message could be: Love God. Obey His Word, but don’t take yourself so seriously. After all, this life isn’t about you (or me) anyway, but it is about Him. (Suited for age 12-adult)


Author and cartoonist Mary Alice Brown is also an accomplished landscape/wildlife artist. As an ordained minister, she presents the Gospel in creative ways. She is a Bible school graduate, and has had a weekly radio broadcast where she defended the authority of God’s Word. Her teaching ministry spans from innovative programs for all levels of youth and adults, to a powerful prison ministry. In her previous book, The Way of Escape, she tells the touching and tender story of how God delivered her from the vicious cycle of chemical dependency and put her on the path to freedom and into an intimate relationship with Him. A “must read” for anyone struggling with drug abuse and finding true victory with God. Her books, artwork, and cartoon t-shirts are available on her website. Mary Alive resides in Texas with her two canine companions, Poochen and Molly.

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Category: Fiction, Humor, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Mary Alice Brown

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