Fiction for Adults and the Youth

Author: Aluta Nite

ISBN 978-1-62137-433-6  (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-62137-434-3 (eBook)

282 pages

This book is a collection of fifty-eight short stories covering many aspects of human life. They are about the usual happenings in this world and depict living on various levels of weightiness. There are deep lessons to be taken away from this book as the pieces appeal to lovers of episodes, general public, book clubs, students, and libraries. 


Aluta Nite’s extensive background allows her to write by way of collections of prose-poetry/lyrics, children’s books, humor/anecdotes, collections of short stories, biographies, one-act scripts, self-help, and cookery. She writes for adults, the youth, and children and is motivated by what she experiences, sees, hears, reads, and imagines. Her spare time is spent on reading, writing, observation, conversation, puzzles, scrabble, music, cooking, strolling, volunteering, and more. After graduating from college, she worked in the private sector, became an entrepreneur, and now does part-time work while running family errands as a mother and a wife.

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