Caroline and The Tramp

Author: Helen Harrison

ISBN 978-1-60264-549-3 (softcover)

74 pages

Caroline, from "Caroline and The Three Trees", still lives beside the same beautiful wood. She is now eleven-and-a-half years old and her admiration of nature is as strong as ever. After befriending a tramp in the woods, her loyalty is tested as she is asked to keep his whereabouts a secret. Caroline's best friend Amy faces the challenge of sharing her beloved Aunt with a foster girl for a couple of weeks. Amy struggles to find something likable about the girl, causing feelings to get hurt along the way.

The story of Josie, the foster girl, is brought vividly to life through Caroline and Amy's eyes as they get to know her. The girl with more than a touch of attitude reveals her true self in an unexpected way.

Right from the beginning, the story will bring the reader on an emotional journey, with touches of humor and rich descriptions of characters, full of life. Can a simple tramp offer the three girls anything of value?

A tale of moral dilemmas and a smear of magic will make this story come alive for young readers.


Helen Harrison lives in the lovely hilly countryside of Monaghan County in the Republic of Ireland, with her husband and teenage daughter. She is the owner of one outdoor cat, Christened Cotton, named by Helen's daughter. Helen finds most of her inspiration comes when she sits outside on her garden seat, Cotton by her side.

Helen's first book was "Caroline and The Three Trees" and the journey with Caroline continues in "Caroline and The Tramp." Helen finds that putting pen to paper relaxes her mind and takes her on many adventures.

Fond of writing poetry, Helen's other past-times include growing vegetables, flowers and herbs. She also enjoys nature's bounty by picking wild fruit and flowers along the country lanes near her home. Helen is an avid reader.

Category: Fiction, Juvenile

Type: books

Vendor: Helen Harrison

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